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The warm oak materials create a serene and secluded atmosphere, allowing users to experience the simulation of natural habits and instincts while reducing the uncertainty brought about by the new environment.
The owners of this house are a pair of high-intensity professionals in the technology industry. They commissioned Yuhsien Design Studio to create this space, guiding the surrounding natural scenery and sunlight into the interior. Building upon the existing framework of the old residence, the designer introduced semi-translucent materials, blending soft and warm light to reshape the experience and perception of everyday work.
In handling the details, Yuhsien Design Studio drew inspiration from the homeowner's life philosophy of "looking at things from different angles." They incorporated a sense of breathability and visual extension between the external environment and internal spaces, with particular attention to how surrounding elements affect emotions and behavior. This ensured that the design could seamlessly integrate into the residents' lives.



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