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進入門口,陳列品立刻展示了品牌收藏的茶具和雕塑,以及軟裝的佈置。 此外,日式家具帶來的舒適、親切的氛圍在視覺上也顯而易見。



這個空間既可以作為家居展示區,也可以作為舉辦展覽或私人活動的場所。 尤其值得關注的是中央展示平台的便利性,增強了整體空間與公共區域的連結性。

Upon entering the doorway, the display immediately showcases the brand's collection of tea sets and sculptures, along with the arrangement of soft furnishings. Additionally, the comfortable and intimate atmosphere brought by Japanese furniture is visually evident.

The space is equipped with multiple tables and chairs, each showcasing different functional roles of furniture such as tea tables, conference tables, dining tables, etc., with relevant utensils and floral arrangements placed overhead.

The dominant use of unique smoked oak imbues the entire space with color tones and textures, complemented by Roman travertine to enhance the indoor tranquility.

This space can serve as both a home furnishings display area and a venue for hosting exhibitions or private events. Especially noteworthy is the easy mobility of the central display platform, which enhances the connectivity of the overall space with public areas.